Learn to apply your base makeup like an expert

Makeup is a delicate art which only few can master. So, many new makeup trends come up regularly and perfecting each of them can be a tough job. But no matter whichever style of makeup you are trying to master, it won’t go right if you don’t have the correct base. Many people skip over the base makeup part, as they don’t understand the importance of it.

Here is how you can perfectly apply tour base makeup:

  • The first step is the preparation. A proper face lotion or moisturiser and eye cream should be applied in the right amount before any kind of makeup product.

  • The next step is the most important step, and it is the primer. The primer creates a smooth base on which your foundation can be applied.

  • A liquid foundation is the best kind of foundation. It can be blended on your skin in an easy manner. A proper foundation brush should be used to do.

  • The next thing that you need to apply is your concealer. The concealer should be in the right shade of your skin. It adds more coverage and can be applied under your eyes.

  • A little bit of translucent power will help set the foundation and leave a flawless finish. A fluffy powder brush should be used to apply the power.

  • A liquid highlighter will add the right amount of shimmer to your face. A small amount on your cheekbones should be applied and blended using fingers.

  • The last thing you face needs is a little bit of blush and bronzer. A small power brush will help you apply it appropriately under your cheekbones and along the hairline.

Now you are ready with you base makeup. You can now rock any style of makeup be it for a nightclub, an office party or a gathering with friends and family.